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“Whether you have a champagne or beer budget, a pro quality studio is within reach.”


“Your completed demo should represent in your mind a terrific showcase for your song. It may be a very simple recording, leaving the artist or producer much room for styling in an individual creative direction. Or it may be a very orchestrated piece of work with many lines and background accompaniment. This more complete demo ensures that whoever auditions the song will be able to “hear" the songs potential, whereas he may have been unable to imagine a finished production from a somewhat rough demo of a new, original song.

Whatever method you choose, just be sure you are happy with the results before submitting it . Sounds simple, but writers often are hasty in demoing their work, eager to get it on tape so that they might send it out as soon as possible. Perhaps if they took the time to do the demo completely to their satisfaction, it would make all the difference in the world.”

All the backbone and power of a major recording studio, and touching on the speed and convenience of hard disk, Digital 1 Recording & Mastering Studio can take you anywhere you want to be. If you’re looking to do a demo or a full in-house production, Digital 1 can deliver. The foundation of your song is put together using the best recording equipment on the market, and edited for that perfect real-time feel that is radio-ready.

If you wish to take your demo a step further, utilize the mastering facility room where normalization and E.Q. take place to enhance volume and smooth out fades. All recording, mixing, and mastering is done by DJ Maxwell a professional, established producer and engineer. Maxwell has bottled a unique sound that cannot be captured anywhere.  Maxwell credits his recording sound to his years of working with best friend Marc Pericelli, who has a gold record for the song he wrote for Kool And The Gang entitled “As One”, and also to the knowledge and combination of the equipment he records with. Maxwell’s sound is sought after on a daily basis and he has produced songs for RTM in Atlanta which owns over 700 Arbys restaurants across the country.

LattieSmall but packing a powerful punch is Digital 1’s biggest claim. Digital 1 also offers music publishing with its publishing arm, Theme-From-A-Dream Music (BMI) and hires and pays staff-writing fees to songwriters. Theme-From-A-Dream is currently seeking staff-writers and musicians. Please email all inquiries to:djmaxwell@djmaxwell.com