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Public School Entertainment is a combination of games, dancing, and exercise designed to motivate students. This is achieved by listening to their favorite music. DJ Maxwell sets up his equipment in the school gymnasium and instructs the class on basic steps along with a variety of high-energy games that is similar to a P.E. class. Each activity has it’s own music. Each student reaches his or her own level. With the voice of a drill instructor, Maxwell maintains control and sets the tempo.

Public School Entertainment is fairly new. Maxwell came up with the idea when he met a principal in 1998 by the name of Sue H. Morris at a Catholic Church function. She asked Maxwell for a business card. Ms. Morris then invited Maxwell to DJ at Buford Academy, a middle school in Buford, Georgia. Maxwell quickly came up with a few common games to go along with the music he planned and to everyone’s surprise, was a tremendous hit with the students. Maxwell has always been good at interacting and working with young adults and decided to form a company based on his experience at Buford to put on shows for public school’s throughout Georgia. Maxwell recorded an 8-minute video to promote Public School Entertainment and today the program has blossomed into a full-grown educational activity that is sure to please everyone. Treat your school to this newest form of entertainment only brought to you by DJ Maxwell.

For more info on booking Public School Entertainment at your school call 770-368-1558

Or email djmaxwell@djmaxwell.com

Grade school and middle school only

High school activities are limited to dances, pep rallies and proms.

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Some of the activities include:

  • The YMCA exercise
  • The Limbo
  • The Train
  • The Electric Slide
  • Country Line Dancing
  • The Casper Slide
  • Hoola-Hoop Contest
  • Camping Relay Race
  • Dance Contest